Want to create some wow photos but not sure how to start? You’re in the right place! Efibot photo generator is super user-friendly, and with this quick guide, you’ll be getting awesome AI photos in no time. Ready? Let’s go! 

Step 1: Think simple – More photos, more fun! 

First things first, decide on what you’d like to see.  

A peaceful beach? A cute kitten? A slice of pepperoni pizza? Great!  

With Efibot, you can make as many photos as you like, so go wild with those ideas! 

    Step 2: Keywords are key! 

    Forget long descriptions. Short, descriptive keywords are your ticket to success with Efibot’s AI.  

    Jot down the main things you want in your photo. For a beach scene, words like “beach, palm trees, sunset” work perfectly. 

    Step 3: Focus on what matters 

    Head over to Efibot photo generator, put your keywords into the text box, and remember – no need for full sentences or commands.  

    Just simple keywords, separated by commas will do the trick. 

    Step 4: Create your photo 

    Now, hit the ‘Add to queue‘ button and let Efibot do its thing.  

    It’ll take your keywords and turn them into a photo that matches your description. 

    Step 5: Pick your favorites 

    Efibot will show you a bunch of photos based on your keywords.

    Scroll through, find the ones you like best, and save them for whatever you need. 

    Here’s what others made: 

    • To describe a luxury yatch: luxury yacht, sailing, Caribbean, sunset, exclusive lifestyle, opulence, cool sea breeze, trending, nautical chic 
    • To describe a forest: mythical forest, enchanted creatures, ancient trees, fantasy realm, magical atmosphere, folklore inspiration, trending, ethereal wilderness 
    • To describe a beach wedding: wedding, beach, celebration, flowers, happy, elegant, rustic, waves, groom, bride, beautiful sky 

    Your turn to shine

    Got an image in your head? Go over to Efibot’s photo generator, use these tips, and turn your imagination into reality. Start making your AI photos now and let your creativity soar!