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At Efibot, we believe in the power of collaboration. Our Partnership Program is designed to foster mutually beneficial relationships with businesses and individuals who share our vision for smarter, AI-enhanced workflows. Whether you’re a software vendor, a consultant, or a service provider, we have a partnership opportunity for you.

Reseller partnership

Reseller Partnership is ideal for businesses that want to include Efibot in their product offerings, providing them with the ability to resell Efibot plans at a margin.

Profitable Margins: Enjoy a substantial discount on Efibot subscriptions, allowing you to resell at a competitive price while maintaining attractive profit margins.
Sales and Marketing Support: Gain access to a suite of sales and marketing resources, including brochures, presentations, and branded materials to help you effectively market Efibot.
Training and Certification: Receive comprehensive training for your sales team to ensure they have the product knowledge and skills to succeed, along with certification to boost credibility.
Dedicated Support: Benefit from a dedicated account manager who will provide personalized support, assist with customer inquiries, and help you navigate any challenges.

Educational partnership

Educational Partnership: Aimed at academic institutions and training providers who wish to incorporate Efibot into their curriculum or offer it to their students and staff.

Academic Discounts: Receive special pricing for Efibot subscriptions to make it accessible for educational institutions and students. For most publicly funded schools we will provide Efibot licenses without any cost or future commitment.
Curriculum Integration: Integrate Efibot into your curriculum with tailored educational content and learning modules.
Training and Workshops: Access to Efibot-led training sessions and workshops to enhance the learning experience for students and educators.
Research Collaboration: Opportunity to collaborate on research initiatives and projects that explore the intersection of AI and education.

Integration partnership

Integration Partnership is perfect for software developers and platforms looking to integrate Efibot’s AI capabilities into their own products.

Enhanced Product Offering: Integrate Efibot’s AI capabilities into your software to offer added value to your customers and stand out from competitors.
Technical Collaboration: Work closely with Efibot’s development team to ensure seamless integration and receive ongoing technical support.
Co-Marketing Opportunities: Collaborate on marketing initiatives, including joint webinars, case studies, and co-branded campaigns to maximize reach and impact.
Revenue Sharing: Participate in a revenue-sharing model that rewards you for the added value Efibot brings to your platform.


Co-marketing initiaties are for companies that want to collaborate on joint marketing with Efibot.

 -Align with AI trends: Align marketing with the hottest AI trends
– Market Expansion: Access new markets and customer segments through joint ventures and collaborative marketing efforts.
Long-Term Growth: Build a strategic alliance that contributes to sustained growth and market presence for both parties.


Referral partnership

Referral Partnership: Suited for consultants and influencers who recommend Efibot to their network and receive a commission for each successful referral.

Commission on Referrals: Earn a competitive commission for each new Efibot user you refer, with no cap on earnings.
Easy Tracking: Use a unique referral link to easily track sign-ups and commissions through a transparent affiliate dashboard.
Minimal Effort: Benefit from Efibot’s sales and customer support teams who handle the sales process after you make the referral.
Flexible Engagement: Engage with the program at your own pace, with no minimum sales requirements or pressure.

 Different types of referral program include:

Content Affiliate Program: For content creators who want to monetize their platforms by creating Efibot-related content.
 – Social Media Affiliate Program: Ideal for influencers who wish to promote Efibot through their social media channels.
 – Review and Comparison Site Affiliate Program: For website owners who provide reviews and comparisons of productivity tools.
 – Coupon and Deals Affiliate Program: For affiliates who offer exclusive discounts and deals on Efibot plans to their audience.
 – Webinar and Training Affiliate Program: For those who host webinars or training sessions and can incorporate Efibot promotions.

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At Brailava, we believe that AI should serve humanity, not the other way around. Our mission is to harness the capabilities of AI to simplify complex processes, unlock creativity, and boost productivity. We strive to make AI accessible, user-friendly, and, most importantly, a catalyst for innovation and growth.

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We approach AI development with a problem-solving mindset. Our lab is a playground for experimentation, where we test, iterate, and refine our technologies. We collaborate with industry partners, academic institutions, and our user community to ensure that our products, like Efibot, are not only technologically advanced but also aligned with the needs of our customers.

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