Here at Efibot, we know that sometimes, you need a helping hand to bring your AI vision to life. That’s why we’re excited to share some simple tips to help you write prompts that get you the perfect AI photos. Let’s dive in! 

Understanding two styles of AI prompt writing 

Understanding two styles of AI prompt writing

When it comes to telling our AI what kind of photo you want, there are two common ways to do it: 

  • Commands: This is a more direct way to communicate with AI. Think of it like giving orders, such as “Create an image of a cat sleeping on a sunny windowsill.” 
  • Keywords: This approach involves listing descriptive words, like “cat, sleeping, sunny, windowsill,” and letting the AI piece these elements together. 

Why keywords are your best friend 

While commands give precise instructions, keywords offer a different advantage. They give the AI the freedom to be creative and often lead to unique, surprising results!  

This can produce images that not only meet your needs but also bring something extra to the table – a touch of AI’s own creativity! 

Efibot’s way: The power of keywords 

Let’s have a look at a few photos generated by keywords at Efibot photo generator! 

It’s time to explore

Now that you know the secret behind prompt writing, why not give it a go on Efibot’s photo generators? Whether you need a picture for your blog, a creative project, or just want to see what AI can whip up, Efibot is your playground. 

Ready to get those amazing AI photos? Hop over to Efibot photo generator, try out your own list of keywords, and watch the magic happen!